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This sensor has a better than 1% accuracy from -40 to +105 degrees-C, with a capability (margin) of 1%.

A MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) Sensor is a micro-mechanical sensor that measures the absolute pressure in the intake manifold and compares it with a reference vacuum, not with the ambient pressure. This enables the air mass to be precisely defined.

The measuring element is at the heart of the micro-mechanical pressure sensor. It is comprised of a silicon chip in which a thin diaphragm has been etched micro-mechanically. Deformation resistors are diffused on the diaphragm. Their electrical resistance changes when mechanical force is applied. The measuring element is surrounded on the component side by a cap which, at the same time encloses the reference vacuum. They are extremely robust and insensitive to aggressive media such as oils, fuels, brake fluids, saline fog and industrial climate. The pressure sensor case can also incorporate an integral temperature sensor, whose signals can be evaluated independently. This means that at any point a single sensor case suffices to measure temperature and pressure.